Inheritance Advance


If you are the Beneficiary of an estate it can take up to 12 months before you have access to your inheritance. For estates that include multiple properties, shares or complex financial arrangements this can be even longer.

If you’d rather not wait, we have the solution. Perhaps you want a deposit for a new home, to buy a new car, go on holiday, pay school fees or help with day-to-day expenses? Regardless of the purpose, our Inheritance Advance means you can access up to 60% of your inheritance within a few days in just four easy steps.

The Advance is available pre and post grant of Probate / Letters of Administration and regardless of whether there is a valid Will or not.

Applications are assessed solely on the basis of your future inheritance, not on your personal circumstances or credit rating. Even better, there is no risk to you. No personal guarantees or charges over your property are required. If it turns out that your inheritance is less than expected you will not be required to pay the shortfall should there be one

The Advance is normally re-paid in full when your inheritance is received. There are no monthly repayments and no early repayment fees.


The Arrangement Fee (which is simply added to the loan) is 1.5% of the loan amount, plus 1.5% interest per month for as long as the Advance is outstanding.)

Crucially, we only charge simple interest rather than compound interest. This means you are not paying interest on the interest. In the example below, this would result in a saving of £708 compared to all other providers with the same rates that do charge compound interest.

Representative Example

An advance of £50,000 will incur an Arrangement Fee of 1.5% (£750). Interest is calculated on the advance and the fee. Interest accrues daily, based on an annual rate of 18.2% (fixed). Assuming the Estate takes 12 months to liquidate, you would owe £9,220 in interest plus £50,750 in capital and fees, resulting in a total balance owed of £59,970 and a representative 19.9% APR

To apply or for more information contact us on

[email protected] or call 0203 813 6400


An Inheritance Advance is available pre and post Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.


To apply, complete a short online form or call us on 0203 813 6400. We aim to pre-approve eligible applications within 48 hours.


Applicant and Administrator receive a document checklist including:

  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Copy of Will (if applicable)
  • Copy of Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of the assets and liabilities within the estate
  • Proof of ID, address and bank details


Provira’s underwriters assess the application. Successful applications receive a formal email offer.


Loan documents are issued and signed (normally electronically). Funds are released


When the estate is settled the loan is repaid to us, normally by the Estate Administrator or the professional firm responsible for the sale of a property within the estate


Traditionally, personal loans require the borrower to sign a personal guarantee or to provide security to the lender over their assets, such as property. In the event that the borrower defaults, the lender can then take possession of personal assets and sell them to recover what they are owed. Inheritance Advance is different. The product was designed to underwrite Estates, not borrowers, so you won’t be asked for any form of personal security. Our claim is against the assets of the Estate and in the event those assets sell for less than they are owed, that’s their loss. There are no monthly payments and no early repayment fees.

An Inheritance Advance is available pre and post Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

It’s entirely up to you! The Advance can be used for any purpose

That doesn’t matter, because underwriting is focused on the Estate (and its assets/liabilities) rather than your personal credit rating. The application process therefore ensures that there’s a clear link between applicants (i.e. Beneficiaries) and the Estate, as well as establishing the estimated value of eligible assets within the Estate, to advance funds against.

No. The decision will be based on the assessment of the Estate. Therefore, your employment information is not relevant.

That's Ok and is not your risk, it’s ours. This is why we ensure we fully understand the Estate as part of our underwriting process. If we get the assessment wrong we bear any associated loss.

We will estimate the value of the Estate’s eligible assets less any liabilities owed, such as the Administrator’s fees, mortgages over property within the Estate, etc. This gives the Estate’s estimated net eligible asset value.

Eligible assets are typically (UK domiciled) cash, as well as publicly quoted investments and properties that are to be sold. We may consider other assets by exception. You will then be offered up to 60% of your portion of the Estate’s net eligible assets. You may, of course, take less.

The Arrangement Fee is typically 1.5% of the loan amount and is added to the loan. The interest rate is 1.5% per month.

Unlike other providers we only charge simple interest, not compound interest. That means you are not paying interest on the interest. Combined with the fee structure detailed above it makes our Inheritance Advance the best value available.

That's absolutely fine. Our underwriting is based solely on your share of the Estate and your Advance has no impact on the other beneficiaries. It is also fine for more than one beneficiary of an estate to apply for an Advance.

That’s OK. Estates are administered according to clearly defined rules (the Rules of Intestacy) where no Will exists.

We require a professional firm to be responsible for the distribution of the asset(s) that will enable the Advance to be repaid. This would typically be the Estate Administrator or Conveyancing Solicitor

You will have 14 days to cancel your Advance from the date you enter into the loan agreement. Should you elect to do so, within 30 days after cancelling, you will need to repay the amount of the Advance together with accrued interest, at the interest rate set out in your loan agreement, from the date the Advance was provided until the date of repayment.

The loan is repaid when your inheritance is available to be distributed. There are no early repayment fees.

Provira’s founding team and investors are experienced financial professionals, having successfully launched and invested in many innovative specialty finance businesses.We are passionate about building disruptive businesses that focus on benefiting the consumer. We’ve worked for and with some of the largest and most reputable financial institutions globally.

I still have questions, what should I do?

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